Webinar Six

Antibiotics for children

Webinar 6 will explore how to ensure children are safe from potentially life threatening infections - how to identify the unwell child, whether they require antibiotics and how to provide clear safety netting materials and information for home care.

Webinar & Speaker

In Webinar 6 an expert panel discusses the management of suspected infections in children. Dr Sanjay Patel a paediatric infectious diseases consultant introduced the discussion, Dr Christie Cabral, a social anthropologist with research interests in child and family health, presents an animation describing the mismatch between parents and clinicians’ expectations, and Alastair Hay, Professor of Primary Care, University of Bristol presents the development of the STARWAVe tool to help assess risk of hospital admission.

The webinar and Q&A session was led by Professor Cliodna McNulty, Head of PHE Primary Care Unit and lead for the TARGET antibiotics project.

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