Webinar Three

Managing patient expectations

In Webinar 3 Dr Nick Francis explores how to manage patient expectations for prescriptions for antibiotics. He shares his experiences of how to understand patient expectations and provides some examples of what works for him in daily practice.

Webinar & Speaker

Webinar 3 explores managing patient expectations using a filmed consultation between Dr Nick Francis and his “patient“ and a Q & A session.

Dr Nick Francis is a GP in South Wales and leads the infections and antimicrobial resistance research programme in the Division of Population Medicine at Cardiff University. His main research interests include the management of infections and antimicrobial stewardship in primary care.

His work on using interactive booklets for the management of respiratory tract infections in primary care, has led to further research involving patient information and communication strategies.

The webinar was led by Professor Cliodna McNulty.

Dr Nick Francis and Dr Charles Alessi, a practicing GP in south west London and a Senior Advisor to Public Health England took questions during this session.

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